Pitch your novel to an agent

The Greenwich Writers organisers have held events for its writers to meet agents since 2015.

At our agent nights, the agents tend to have read your submission in advance. Each attendee then gets ten minutes to chat to the agent privately, and get feedback on their submission.

Before applying, your novel should be complete (or very near to) and polished so it is ready to submit. Please ensure that your novel falls in to genres requested by the agent. 

Even if your submission isn't successful, meeting agents in person is a great way to learn about the process and hone your submission for the slush pile.

Previous agent events


The first Agent Pitch I did with Greenwich Writers was a turning point for me. I got such helpful advice I finished my first draft in just six weeks. I also got the agent's business card!


Plumstead, London

The Agent Nights are an excellent way for new writers to meet agents and find our first-hand what the industry is looking for. From query letters to plot holes, our agents are happy to help.


Woolwich, London

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Below are just a handful of the agencies we've hosted at an agent event.

Bell Lomax Moreton

April 2019

Watson, Little

September 2017

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Curtis Brown

May 2017

David Higham Associates

March 2017

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AM Heath

September 2019

Peter Fraser and Dunlop

July 2019

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